Useful Links

British Woodworking Federation
Central Point of Expertise for Timber procurement (CPET)
Forest Stewardship Council 
Forestry Commission (UK)
Ghana Forestry Commission in London
Hants and Dorset Timber Trading Association
Institute of Carpenters 
London Hardwood Club
Malaysian Timber Certification Council 
Malaysian Timber Council 
PEFC International
Péladeau Lumber Company Inc., Canada 
Rainforest Alliance - Smartwood
The Doorway. Careers in timber. 
The Wood Awards 
Timber Decking Association 
Timber Trade Federation 
Timber Trades’ Benevolent Society 
Timber Trades Journal 
UK Forestry Products Association 
UK Timber Frame Association 
Woodland Heritage 
Wood for Good 
Wood Panel Industries Federation 
Wood Protection Association